Easy Steps to Better Hearing

The audiologists at East Central Audiology provide hearing assessments and analysis of your middle ear system for an accurate diagnosis of your hearing needs.  Audiologic evaluations in Cambridge and in Forest Lake are completed in a sound isolated booth. If you have a medically treatable hearing loss you will be referred to a Physician for consultation and recommendations. 

We will explain the findings of your test results in upon completion of your exam.  This will help you and your loved ones to better understand what parts of speech are audible and what parts are missing due to hearing loss.  Through the use of a hearing loss simulator we can allow others to hear and better understand your hearing loss and how you hear sounds around you.

The Doctors of Audiology provide hearing instrument recommendations, selection and fittings based upon your individual communication needs, cosmetic concerns, budget and lifestyle.  We insure that your hearing instruments are properly programmed and are compensating for your hearing loss through the use of real-ear or probe tube measurements.  Real-ear measures test the performance of your hearing instrument in your ear canal to ensure that soft sounds are audible, all parts of normal conversational speech are clear and loud sounds are never too loud.  

Returning for follow up care is extremely important.  We understand that learning to hear again is a process not an event.  We listen to your concerns and provide modifications to the sound of your hearing instruments based on your unique listening needs and environment.  We encourage you to keep a hearing notebook or diary so we can better understand what you like or dislike about your hearing instruments so we can assist you in achieving the best performance possible.